Best of - CD 2014

Available for the very first time, 'THE BEST OF CHIRON' through Wave Records Brasil will delight fans of both Chiron, and the original line up of popular cult dark wave band Ikon.
Formed in 1997 by vocalist Michael Aliani (aka Carrodus) after he left Ikon. The original lineup included legendary Ikon bass player Dino Molinaro and members of Russian Rock band B2, Shura Bi-2 and Lyova Bi-2.

This release features tracks from Chiron's debue album, 'Eve', their second epic album, 'Slipping Away' and a host of rarities and remixes that have been made available for this release for the very first time. Add to this a number of tracks from the yet to be released albums, 'We Own The Night' and 'The Sun Goes Down' and this release will surely please lovers of original music.

Dark, dreamy, intense, and at times frantic. It is sleek, dark Avant guard music that cannot be pigeon holed to just one style. Though Chiron never set boundaries, one consistency remains, the deep spine tingling vocals of Michael Aliani.


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