Macumbaria - CDS (2006)
10% for Jesus - CD (2007)
10% for Jesus (BR ed.) - CD (2007)
Rogai por nós, Pecadores! - CD/LtdCD/ FANBOX (2010)

After years hidden in South America, Pecadores arrives to testify Brazilian religion´s truths and lies.

Known in the 80´s as a catholic nation, Brazil saw a huge growth of different churches and sects in the 90´s. Taking advantage of people´s misery and good faith, some of them set up and enrich, building big empires in a country full of poverty.

Now, the truth will be said to everybody as a divine revelation. Pecadores arises to bring up all the doubtfulness and injustices kept behind the curtains.

Electro-industrial music, noises, towering beats, Brazilian percussion and religion-related samples, that´s the way we will explore mysticism.

Pecadores are Apostle Niwt (music), an x-priest of São Thomé dos Aflitos´s parish in the Brazilian countryside, he travelled through all Amazonia converting indians before losing the faith; and Dark Messenger (lyrics and vocals), x-protestant Minister of a pentecostal church named God is All, he used to preach gospel in Brazilian favelas.

Brother Vlad (Assistent), Obreiro, Macumbeiro and Coletor Money Collector, Sister Mege (Assistent), Macumbeira, Nurse and Obreira.

Live Performance: Pecadores supported some bands touring in Brazil: VNV Nation, Das Ich and Trisomie 21. Pecadores was the Best Live Brazilian Performance in 2005 and 2006 by BAC (Brazilian Alternative Charts). The live converts mix ecstasy, religion, theatre, harsh music, all mixed and leaving the audience crazy!

Discography & VideoClip: The first single “Macumbaria” was released in February 2006, bringing 4 unreleased tracks.

”Macumbaria” videoclip was recorded in march/2006 with production by Victor Hugo Borges (He worked with Zé do Caixão / aka Coffin Joe).

First Album “10% for Jesus” released may/2007 by Danse Macabre in Germany and distribution by Alive!

One remix for the german band Mechanical Moth was done for the 2007 album Sad Machine.

Compilations: “Interbreeding V” by BLC Music. Track: “Priest(Come to daddy Mix)”(2005) and European compilation “Harmonia Mundi” by Danse Macabre with the track: “Apocalipse – Mechanical Moth Remix”(2006).

Negatief Cd (2006) including Macumbaria (Video Edit) and Retratos Subterrâneos(Rock Hard Magazine Compilation) with “Apocalipse” (2007).
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