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Wave Records is the lead independent and alternative label in Brazil, working with post-punk, wave, shoegaze, minimal, gothic, industrial and synth bands around the world.   
Born in 2006, we released more than 100 titles on CD, Vinyl adn Digital Mp3.
Our artists are from Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, England, Iceland, Denmark, United States, Norway and more.

All our releases has Digital Distribution by DigDis and Believe Music, taking around 240 territories.
You can find our complete catalogue at Spotify, ITunes, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc
Physical distribution made by Audioglobe (Worldwide) and Nova MD (Germany, Austria & Switzerland).


  • In Stock: Code Six and Herzegovina cd edition
  • Pre-Order now: Meat Injection (CD) and eNiB (CD)
  • New artist @ Wave Records: TRANSMISSION
  • Twilight Ritual: After long delay, we finally are finishing the work for the Belgian duo cd compilation. 
  • Covid-19: we are working to release digital albuns before the physical editions right now. 
  • Music Video: coming soon, new videos from Wintry, eNiB, Transmission, Individual Industry.


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Ícone 65 E-mail: info@waverecordsmusic.com


Germany, Austria & Switzerland